Five years after a simple heist goes awry, a group of thieves reconvene at a cabin in upstate New York, hoping to recover the diamonds they initially stole. David, fresh out of prison and filled with angst from the failed heist, meets up with the rest of the crew: Tyler, deep in gambling debt, Samantha, his beautiful old flame, Owen, the quiet Irishman safe cracker, and Circe, the granddaughter of their mob boss. Tensions rise as allegiances are broken, backs are stabbed and the dirty past is dredged up as the group searches for the diamonds, and answers.


The first draft of the film was completed on May 18, 2011. As with most scripts, it was much different and much worse than the final shooting script. A bucket full of notes and ten major revisions later, I had a shooting script on June 15, 2012. The script was named a quarter final selection in the Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Competition.


The script went out to actors in late June 2012. I had no idea what to expect. The response I received was incredible. I auditioned the actors in my home. Locations were locked, then lost, as was several crew members. Finally, at the beginning of September, I had an incredible group of talented professionals assembled.


On September 16, twelve people made their way up to a vacation home in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Everyone, including myself, a bit nervous and a bit skeptical on what was about to happen. What did happen was nothing short of magic. The leap of faith paid off for all involved. The most incredible creative experience of my life. Ten days later, we returned to home with 74 pages shot. Three more days of shooting in Brooklyn and Manhattan in early October and principal photography was complete.

The original title was "Trust, Greed, Beer & Bourbon." but by the end of shooting, there seemed to be much more bullets than beer.